Einar Runius

Swedish Boat designer

Einar Runius In 1951 Storebro boatyard (nowadays Storebro Royal Cruiser Yachtyard) introduced two new models, the 21ft utility "Vindö" and the 24 ft daycruiser "Solö". Both turned out to be huge success. Eleven hundred "Vindö" was build between 1951 and 1962, and the even more popular "Solö" reach almost 3,000 between 1962 and 1977, then Storebro finally changed their production from small boats and went into yacht manufacturing. The man behind these two "bestsellers" where the Swedish boat designer Einar Runius. During the 26 years of producing these boats, the hull that Runius designed was hardly changed. The "Solö" could be ordered in a number of different models but all built on the same hull. Small changes where done to fit the choise of engine.
Einar Runius and the boat designer C.G. Pettersson started the legendary "Motorbåtsbyrån" (motor boat office) in 1923 together, a consulting buisness. Two of their many customers where Pentaverken and Skandiaverken, Skandiaverken was a manufacturing company, building marine motors. Einar Runius was a very skilled boat designer but not that good in boasting or to convince people aboat his exellent skill. Actually, he made some revolutionary constructions and designed boats, but they never reached the first pages.That's the explanation why he's not that well known as C.G. Pettersson. Vindö.gif
"VINDÖ" 1951-62 design by Einar Runius.

But among his colleagues he was most appreciated and admired for his great knowhow. He was often asked to help colleagues with difficulties. Especially when it came to the propeller design, Eninar Runius was some kind of a genius in propeller calculation and he designed more than 12,000 propellers in his life. Runius hull designes, witch was his strongest side as a boatdesigner carried many simularities to his "teacher" C.G. Pettersson. The concept is always the same, not to sharp "V" in the stem and rounded bottom at the stern. The moderate witdh of the hull witch have become somewhat of a signum to "Pettersson Boats" are not so significant on Einar Runius designes from 1950. The reason was that Runius had much lighter and more powerfull engines to work with when he calculated and designed the hulls.

Solö.gif When C.G. Pettersson thirty years earlier designed his narrow hulls the marine motors where big and heavy, and did'nt give half the power. For the "Vindö" and "Solö" Runius choosed the new engine form Volvo cars, the B4B that came from the 444 PV. Later on when Volvo introduced their new 544 PV with a B16 that gave almost 70hp it naturally replaced the old B4B in the boats. It was rebuild by the Volvo Marine devision Volvo-Penta and called BB70 in marine version. Einar Runius designed a great number of boats but will always be remembered as the man behind the popular "Solö".
"SOLÖ" 1951-77 designed by Einar Runius.


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