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"KORALL"Storebro 24 Baltic

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This was one of Swedens most popular Boats back in the 50's and 60's. An 24 ft utility daycruiser called Solö -Storebro 24 Baltic. It's build in african mahogany and was powered with a Volvo penta BB70. Storebro shipyard and Örnmasiner AB together produced more than 2,800 Solö in eight different models."KORALL" is one of the model 4 with productionnumber 938.What makes her so special today is the fact that most of all the 24 Baltic no longer exist, fiftheen years ago people did not cared for their old wooden boats and specially not for common boats like this witch resulted in a great lost of classic boats. Therefor I decided to find and renovate a 24 Baltic. I knew my goal, I wanted to show people that even a common boat like this can become a "showstopper" and I sure did. "KORALL" has been featured in several boatmagazines. So remember, all boats deserve to be taken care of, they might even make it to the top!

In shape

The design of the 24 Baltic vent through some changes over the years. The 1951 model was one foot shorter and was equiped with a Volvo B4 engine. 1959 Storebro introduced this final model, in my meaning a perfect utility.
After more than three years of careful renovation "KORALL" is now finished and has been shown on several events. With this "new" model, they did some test to increase the topspeed and I belive they used a modified Volvo B18 or B30, I haven't heard or read anything about the result but the hulldesign of the 24 Baltic runs best in cruisingspeed 12knots and comfortable even in topspeed 17 knots.

Korall side

My striving thru this renovation has all the time, concerning every step been to renovate back to original. So even the original Volvo Penta BB70R engine is renovated and still runs.

1997 "KORALL" was elected to MYS-Classic (Motor Yacht Society) an acociation in Sweden.

Korall back



Build year:

Einar Runius
1964 Nr 938
African mahogany
24 ft/7,30 m
2,25 m
1,2 ton
VOLVO BB70R/65hp
17/12 knots
Motor Yacht Society

Anders Jelving and Anna Blomberg


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