Welcome to Classic Wooden Boat's exhibition
of exlusive boatpaintings!

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All the images are slightly masked to protect the copyright but,
all the paintings can be ordered frameworked in any enlargement.
You can also order an unique painting of your own boat!

Artwork by A. Jelving

The classic Storebro 24 Baltic
Build 1964
Korall small
A mahogony yacht by the legendary constructor
and designer CG Pettersson
Build 1921
Eol small
A 42ft yacht designed by engineer Knut Ljungberg
Build 1918
Match II small
A 60ft yacht designed by CG Pettersson
One of the largest mahogony yachts ever built in Sweden
Build 1917
Carla III small
Cris Craft 29ft Runabout
A very uniqe boat with a original hardtop
Build 1929
Tuxedo Taxi small
The Cruisette 39 a 20ft couperacer
This is one of only three build
Build 1939
Plymette small

These are just prewiews of what you can order from Classic Woodn Boat Artgallery.
Please contact me for more information and prices.

The paintings can be ordered frameworked.
There is a big difference in price depending on how detailed the boat are. But to give some reference:
A painting like the "Korall" frameworked 70 X 50 cm $179 and the more detailed "carla III" $199.
You can also have a painting done of your own boat, just send me pictures.


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