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Esso side pic

Esso was ordered by and delivered to an managing director in the brewery industry, mr Sten Simonson Whitsun Eve 1930. The next day, sunday the 8th of june she was given the name "Esso" by crashing a beer from Södertälje Brewery to her bow. Designed by two legends in Sweden, H Forslund and C.A Fagerman.

The original engine was an six-cylinder 50hp Universal. In 1931 she was sold to a publisher by the name David Lindström and for the first time registered in KMK, the Royal Motorboat Club of Sweden. 1947 the original motor was replaced by an eight-cylinder 125hp Lycoming, witch gave her an top speed of 19 knots. Publisher Lindström sold the boat after twentytwo years to Bengt Lindström, also publisher. Further history is not known untill 1970 when Mr B. Henriksson, registred in Enhörna bought her. Henriksson keeps her for ten years, 1980 she´s sold to a taxidriver. The taxidriver are still unknown.

Esso ratt

Todays owner bought her from Norr m&aumI;arstrands Marina in 1981. At that time she had a 75hp Volvo EC6. In 1984 the Volvo was replaced by the Chrysler Marin engine. Esso is kept wery original through her step by step renovation. All fittings such as steeringwheel, throttle- and shift handspikes are the original. The design of the hull with the V-shaped bottom are built for speed. Influenced by the early runabouts. Running at top speed you can see those typical white "moustaches" from her bow.

esso deck pic

Interior as expected, brass and plush.

Running in top speed, notice the white "moustaches".

Esso ruff picEsso

SoLong pic



Build year:
Ship yard:

8,50 m
1.95 m
2 ton
Chrysler M225/155 hp
21/15 knop
Motor Yacht Society

Lars & Gunnar Mosén


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