C.G. Pettersson

Designer for more than 50 years!

CGP 1913

Born in1876. Started his first buisness in 1902 together with his brother Robert, a small shipyard in Stockholm. It only last for short while. C G P became an employee as constructor at AB Reversator. He had for many years designed canoes and sailcanoes, but in 1904 C G P designed and built his first motorboat, "VIKINGEN" "The Wiking"). It was an 24ft open boat made of pine with an 2,5 hp one-stroke engine manufactured by AB Reversator. 7,5 knots in topspeed was enough to collect first prize in a motorboatrace in Kiel 1904.

In the following years he designed more winning boats. But 1911 AB Reversator became bankrupt, so C G P once again started his own buisness. C G P was the man behind thousands of constructions.No matter what size, motor or sail, he designed what people wanted. His own projects was all named "Viking I", "Viking II", etc. etc. 1925 he did one remarable trip up to Norway with "Viking X".


C G P was and always will be the biggest boatdesigner ever lived in Sweden. He made boating possible for a hole nation. He died in 1953 but his boats still cruising the same waters he once did. Here's some old B/V pictures from CG Petterssons own albums that were found and saved by a real C G P enthusiast, Gunnar Fritz-Crone today owner of "Viking X".

Viking I.jpg Viking IV.jpg
Viking I.jpg
"Viking I" 1904
"Viking 4"
Viking V.jpg Viking VI.jpg
"Viking V" 1911
"Viking VI 1913"
Viking X.jpg Viking X.jpg
"Viking X" drawing
"Viking X" today, owner Gunnar Fritz-Crone
Viking XI.jpg Viking XI.jpg
"Viking X1" drawing
"Viking XI" - early testrun.


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