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About ourself 
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 Peter, Ville, Roger

History of SCENARIO


Scenario was formed in December –96 by Peter who had played along with Roger in various bands with different types of music. They ended up in a group who would be playing 99% instrumental music. When that group later split up, Peter and Roger had no intention to quit playing and they were quite sure about what type of music they wanted to explore. So to be able to realize their projects, some recruitments had to be made. Peter remembered guitarist Ville from earlier years and thought that his musical interests would fit the band, so a phone-call was made and luckily he wasn’t engaged in any orchestras for the moment. The forthcoming collaboration turned out in some exciting arrangements, containing drums, bass, guitars and keyboards. But to get all the pieces together the band realised that some kind of vocal ingredients would be nice, and believe it or not a fourth member came out from a clear blue sky: Johan, who had been searching for musicians for his own projects as he had just moved to the city. Shortly after he had met up with the band, they found themselves mixed up in a huge project that would result in their first album “Alter ego”. The record was released in -99 and was a thematic story about an individuals “ups and downs” witch the title gives a hint about. The record got a few really nice reviews and even sold a number of copies. The quartet began quite shortly after “Alter ego” to build on a bit smaller project: ”Rise and take part”, a CD that would contain four tracks, and even some background vocals by Peter and Ville. “Rise and take part” was released in -00. Unfortunately, after the “Rise”-album, Johan had to leave the band as he moved to another city. The remaining power-trio has after that been writing some new material and has also looked at some older tunes. Nowadays the band uses sequencer to play keyboard-patterns, allot more then they did before, and it lifts the sound notably. Scenario is also talking about testing a new singer.                      

PETER – drums, acoustic/electronic percussion and background vocals.

 I started playing drums at the age of 8, and then studied drums for about fifteen years. When I was fourteen I joined my first band and we were playing both covers and our own material. After a few years I became more interested in symphonic rock and formed a band in –89, the rest is under the history section. When I had started drumschool I also took part in some brass orchestra sessions and some percussion ensembles, and I picked up some techniques that are very useful in today’s projects.

The drumkit I use is Tama except for the snaredrums. The main snare is a thin handmade one, and the other deeper snare is Pearl. I also use a Roland octapad and a soundunit along with it, witch often comes in handy in this type of music. My cymbals are Paiste and the sticks I use are Regal.

My influences are Neil Peart and Rush’s music. I also listen to Mick Tucker (Sweet) and Bill Bruford.


 Ville – Guitars, synthpedals and background vocals.

Info will be added soon...

Roger – Bass and keyboards.

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