My '57 Type 1 '57 This car was built/owned by me between 1989 and 1996. Click for more info...
My '67 Type 1 '67 This car was bought in 1995 and is still in my possession. In the fall of 2000 the bug was completely disassembled and is now being restored and the goal is to have it done to the summer of 2002. I'll try to update this site as much as I can and show what's going on in my garage.
  • Part 1 Rebuild of the chassis including rust repair and painting
  • Part 2 Rebuild of the body - The hunt for rust 
  • Part 3 Rebuild of the body - Blasting of the body and initial rust repairing
  • Part 4 Final repairs to the body - welding and initial construction of the roll cage
Type 1 '50  Read about my struggle to get the split back on the road after over 35 years in a cramped shed.
My '56 Ghia Ghia '56 This car was bought during a state of insanity. Click for more info...

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