My name is Peter Servais, I'm born June 6, 1971 and raised in Bålsta which is a small community about 50 km north west of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. My interest in Volkswagens was established in my earlier years since my grandfather used to work at the local VW dealer i Hudiksvall.

The car of choice was then naturally a VW bug and since I spent most of my summers there the impression was unforgettable. The fact that their last bug was taken over by my parents in 1976 when they bought a new Passat (the last bug sold in Sweden was in 1975) didn't make things better. The picture is taken in 1974 with me in my grandma's lap and my grandparents '69 in the background.

This incredibly well looked after bug was however "converted" into a beach buggy a few years later in 1982 when it became possible to drive a "home built" car here in Sweden.

My father was by the way one of the first to build a beach buggy when it became possible in the early 80's. Previous to that you weren't allowed to to build or modify a car without building two identical cars and crash test one of them in order to prove the other to be safe to drive on public roads (makes sense, huh?).

A '68 belonging to my other grandfather (paternal) then found a home in the family a few years in the mid 80's, but then came a few years without one until the abstinence in 1989 "forced" me to buy a bug of my own. That was the '57.

Parallel to my studies at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm the '57 was completely rebuilt. An extra job at a gas station helped me get the money.

After my military service in 1993 I got a job at an injection molding company as a engineer. During this time a '56 Ghia and the '67 bug that I still own were bought. The Ghia was however sold 1 1/2 year later and when I started studying in 1995 for the second time, the '57.

My studies as a graduate engineer forced me to make priorities. The bug has therefore been somewhat put aside in favor of my studies. Now that I've finally graduated (in September of 1999) AND got a job as a technical consultant I hope to be able to devote more of my time into the hobby.

PS/ Besides being a VW nut, I like skiing and listen to music. /DS

Peter Servais

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