Down below is a list of my personal favorites on the web. If a link is broken please notify me so that I can fix or remove it. A tip of other cool sites are also welcome, so please mail be some.

Västerås Aircoolers
One of the oldest VW clubs in Sweden and the one I'm a member of. In Swedish only.
VW Väst
VW Väst 
A great site. The best buy/sell section in Sweden. In Swedish only.
Swedish Cal-look history
Describes the history and evolution of the VW Cal Look in Sweden.
The Swedish Volkswagen Drag Race Club 
The name says it all. Great buy/sell section.
VW Maffian
VW Maffian
A Norrköping based VW club.
Dalhems Dalhems bildelar
One source in Sweden for parts to your VW.
Svenska VW veteranerna
Svenska VW Veteranerna
A site for vintage VW enthusiasts. In Swedish only.
A local VW club from Borås in Sweden. In Swedish only.
Motalas VW entusiaster Motalas VW entusiaster
A nice site about the club from Motala in Sweden. In Swedish only
VW Custom Speed Parts VW Custom & Speed Parts
The other source in Sweden for parts to your VW. In Swedish only.
JP Motorsport
JP Motorsport
A Swedish race engine builder and VW-racer. In Swedish only.

Der Kleiner Panzers
Der Kleiner Panzers III
The VW club now in its third reincarnation.
The Speedwell Connection
The Speedwell Connection
Keith Seume's site describing the history of and the parts sold by Speedwell.
Cal Look Forum
California Look Forum
A messaged board for VW nuts.
Cal Look, The Shrine
CAL LOOK, the shrine
A virtual Cal look club. Check out Mark Herberts "donuts"!!
Gute Fahrt
Gute Fahrt
A cool Finish site about all kinds of rare options for VW's.
Tero's California Look Site
Tero's Cal-Look Site
Yet another Finish site with pictures and features from trips and meetings.
Sells options and restored parts for your VW.
Ron Lummus Racing
Ron Lummus Racing
The no. 1 race car builder.
TMI Products Inc.
TMI Products Inc.
An American manufacturer of interior parts for your VW.
Sewfine Products
Another manufacturer of interior parts.
Big Wig Race Cars
Big Wig Race Cars
This guy is an aluminum interior guru. A superb VW site for race freaks.
A virtual VW-magazine with nice VW's.
The Old Volks
A club from Phoenix Arizona. This is THE site to visit if you like slammed bugs.
Pauter Machine
Manufacturer of "big block" VW engines.
Flat 4
Manufacturer of replica BRM's, EMPI GT steering wheels etc.
Gene Berg Enterprises
Gene Berg Enterprises
The no. 1 source for keeping your VW alive.
Mendeola Racing
Manufacturer of bullet proof transmissions.
Heads-Up Performance
Heads-up Performance
Famous California based race shop.
John Maher Racing
John Maher Racing
An English race engine builder/part supplier. A geat site.
CB Performance
CB performance Products
A great source for parts to your VW. Nice on-line catalogue.
Wolfburg West
Wolfbürg West
Also a source for parts to your VW.
West Coast Metric Inc.
Manufacturer of rubber, seals etc and all kinds of small things you need when rebuilding a VW.
Engle Cams
Engle Cams
The classic cam shaft.

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