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Your character has three stats which must be monitored and tested during your adventure. These are Skill, Resource and Vitality. To determine their original values, you are free to distribute 11 points however you wish as long as you keep the stats within the range from 1 to 5. For instance, you may assign 4 points to Skill, 4 points to Resource and 3 points to Vitality. It is not recommended that you create a wildly unbalanced character, although you are free to experiment.

Skill is a measure of your strength and agility, your speed, reflexes and overall athletic ability. It will be used when performing acrobatic feats and when fighting (see below). If you're injured in some particular way you may be told to deduct Skill points.

Resource is a measure of wit and speed of thought, as well as the ability to keep your head cool and come up with solutions to problems. You will rarely adjust your Resource score, though shock or concussion may take its toll.

Vitality is a measure of how much damage - mental and physical - you can take and still bounce back into action. It may be lost in combat or by way of accidents. If ever your Vitality score reaches zero, your character has been incapacitated and you will have lost, which means you must immediately start over again.

You may be instructed to gain or lose points in each stat during your adventure. When this happens you must keep in mind that Skill and Resource cannot drop lower than 1, and no stat can rise higher than its original value (unless specifically instructed).

Whenever the outcome of some situation hinges on one of your stats, you'll be told to Test your Skill (for instance). To do this, simply roll one die. If the result is equal to or lower than your current value in the stat which is being tested, you are successful; if not, you are of course unsuccessful. The text will instruct you what to do in either case.

At times you may have to battle enemies in close combat or the equivalent thereof. You will then be presented with Skill and Vitality values for them. To resolve a battle, test your own Skill as well as that of your opponent. If you succeed but your enemy does not, deduct 1 from its Vitality. If your enemy succeeds but you do not, deduct 1 from your own Vitality. Repeat this procedure until one of you is out of luck (i.e. Vitality). If you're not armed with a proper weapon (as is the case at the start of this adventure) you must temporarily subtract 1 from your Skill while fighting (but as usual it cannot go below 1).

The Beginning