Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


Quickly peering around the next corner, you can see a large porch, a balcony above it, and the front door which looks to be boarded up as well. Apparently, someone doesn't want the local kids to go exploring recklessly. A gravel path runs down the front lawn, winding between a few unkempt fruit trees before arriving at a large metal gate. The country lane beyond is only vaguely visible through the black bars of the gate, and the rest is totally obscured by a thick hedge of tall poplars. As could have been expected, there's no sign of your disc. Suddenly, there's a loud, metallic banging noise! You quickly look in the direction of the gate. Was that a child running by just now, rapping the gate with a stick? If not, then what? Again you hear a sound, this time coming from just behind you. You turn around in fright. All you can see is a shadow bearing down on you, fluttering and beating, flapping and waving - and those small, evil eyes! That cruel, jagged line, coming apart to reveal --- All goes black. Lose 1 Resource point and turn to 50.