Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


Looking into the room, which is shallow and has a steeply angled ceiling but appears to run for some length along the side of the house, you first conclude that it is empty. As you take a few steps inside and your eyes adjust to the gloom, this turns out to be not exactly true, at least not in every sense of the word. The walls, ceiling and even the floor are covered with lines, curves, images, scribblings, diagrams, numbers and unfamiliar symbols. As most of it seems to be drawn in some kind of red, blotchy ink - or whatever it may be - the effect is somewhat unsettling. You are also puzzled by the fact that the door has remained motionless ever since you let go of it. If you would like to examine the room further in, turn to 24, but if not, there remains only to go down the stairs (turn to 35).