Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You walk up to one of the boxes and peek inside. It holds books, but none which will be of any use to you: mostly fiction from about forty or fifty years ago. There are also photo albums and old gramophone records and cheap decorations. You are wrestling with a crate whose lid has been nailed shut when the door slams. Looking up, you see a skeletal being standing in a stiff posture beside the closed door, one arm prohibitively stretched across it. But this is not all there is to the apparition. Vague clumps of blue-white, palely glowing mist glide slowly around the skeleton's bones, circling its limbs and drifting in and out of its ribcage. These are faces of long-dead people who have found a refuge or a prison in the being standing before you. Its eyes show as two small, red dots in dark eye-sockets, but if you could look closely enough you would see that these, too, are miniature faces contorted in the agony of false hope. If you want to escape the room you will have to defeat the creature:

Soulcage Skeleton: Skill 3, Vitality 2

If you win, turn to 57. If you lose, your battered body falls to the ground. The skeleton kneels beside you and slowly, almost gently entices your soul to come out of hiding. It rises from your body as an incorporeal white mist, merging with the spirits already encircling the skeleton. You have already forgotten that there is an outside world. You are now a ghost who knows no bliss except to remain in the closeness of your undead cage-home...