Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You barely have time to react before the leaping figure is upon you. You must Test your Skill. If you are successful, you manage to avoid its strangling grip, but if not, you must deduct 1 Vitality point as its fingers close around your throat. Struggling desperately, you reach out and grab a heavy candlestick resting on a nearby box, bringing it down on the head of your assailant with all force. To your surprise, there is no thud, only a crashing, tinkling sound. The next thing you know, you are alone. In the light coming from behind the door up ahead, shards of glass can be seen all over the floor in front of the mirror. What's going on here? Not wanting to linger, you fling open the door and step through. Turn to 73.