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The book goes on to describe the characteristics of some prominent ghost-creatures. You select a page which details what is allegedly known about a kind of horrific apparition called Proto-plasmick Mass, believed by some to be the manifestations of a single otherworldly creature. This monster appears as a shapeless sludge, often sprouting eyestalks and tentacles as it tries to drag victims into itself for digestion or whatever horrible fate awaits such unfortunate souls. The creature has one known weakness - repeated stabbing or bludgeoning of certain bulbous growths formed by the sludge will cause it apparent discomfort and may force it to return to whatever corner of hell it came from. This knowledge may prove valuable to you, although you'd much rather it didn't! If you find yourself fighting such a creature, you may deduct 1 point from the creature's Skill whenever you win a combat round (though not to zero) in addition to the normal damage. A noise outside the room makes you freeze. Footsteps! One, two, three... then silence. You wait, holding your breath. After several interminable seconds you hear the footfalls again, moving down the hallway. There is a series of creaks from the stairs to the attic before once again everything goes quiet. Quickly putting the book down, you tiptoe to the door and listen. Suddenly you hear a low, purring sound that quickly dies away - but it came from within the room. If you want you can Test your Resource. If you are successful, you keep a cool head and may investigate the source of the sound (turn to 68). Otherwise, you hurry to slip out of the room and leave through the other door before whoever is out there comes back (turn to 58).