Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


As your last blow strikes home, the zombie's eyes roll up into its head and it topples backwards over a stool, falling with a resounding crash among a clutter of pans and broken crockery. Keeping one eye on the body in case it should jump back up again, you resume your scan of the kitchen for some object that might be of use to you. You pick up a glass jar from a bench and turn it over in your hands: it bears no label, but seems to contain some darkish fluid in which black chunks streaked with red float around. Not knowing what to make of it, you put it down to look elsewhere. However, a noise from the hallway with the staircase cuts short your search. Hollowly clattering footsteps - lots of them! You jam a chair against the door to the hallway and race across the room, intent on being gone by the time that door flings open - but if you want, you can grab the jar as you go. Turn to 4.