Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You slowly push the door open and cautiously look inside. There is only a darkened hallway with faded wallpaper, ugly damp patches on the walls and a dirty rug on the wooden floor. Fighting back a ridiculous urge to call out in case there is someone inside after all, you gingerly step over the threshold, taking care not to tread on the pieces of broken glass that litter the floor. A couple of doors lead deeper into the house, and directly opposite there's a narrow wooden stairway leading up. While you are pondering your next move, your eyes fall on a mirror that hangs on one wall. There's something odd about it, as if light and colour were changing in the corner of your eye as you turn your head. Letting go of the door, you step up to the mirror. The door slams closed almost immediately, but you hardly notice. You are staring at the mirror. On the other side of it, there seems to be a completely different room, clad in bright, rich wallpaper and lit by candles set in fixtures around the walls. More entrancing than anything else, there is a completely different person staring out at you, dressed in fine, archaic clothes as if they were going to a costume party. Or is that someone else after all? Isn't it you, staring back with the same look of wild incomprehension, wearing the clothes and emotions of a different world or a distant time? You only have a moment to marvel, however, as suddenly there is a shadow moving behind you - is that in the mirror, or in the hallway, or both? You turn quickly, but don't have time to see anything before something hits you in the head. The room spins for a second... Lose 1 Vitality point and turn to 50.