Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


Looking around, your eyes fall on the chandelier and trail upwards. It is suspended by a sturdy cable which runs up to a pulley under the ceiling, then across to the wall... of course! Right beside the bell-pull, half-hidden behind the red drapes, the rope that holds the chandelier up is looped around a wooden cleat. You pretend to back away in fear as the knife swoops down at you once again. The Imp yawns ostentatiously, and you seize the opportunity. Leaping to one side, you quickly unfasten the rope and let it go. The knife halts in mid-air and drops to the floor as the chandelier, with the bewildered Imp on top of it, jerks and then falls! However, there is no crash. Only a couple of inches above the table, the chandelier comes to an abrupt stop in the air, crystals chinking and flashing as they swing around. The Chaos Imp chitters and rises into the air, its legs crossed under it. As you watch, the end of the rope glides down from the pulley and coils in the air, forming a noose. The message is clear and you gulp uncomfortably. Turn to 16 and try something else, but remember that you cannot attempt this particular feat again.