Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You cannot quite make sense of the row of portraits. They represent both men and women, young people and old. Many of them display costumes that went out of fashion two or three hundred years ago, while others may be no more than fifty years old. Far from being depicted with the customary look of dignified solemnity or contentment, many of the faces show signs of wrath, resentment or paranoia. A couple of faces are not even properly turned towards the viewer. Scars and other physical defects have been ruthlessly exposed, perhaps even exaggerated. What kind of gallery is this? You stop in front of a painting showing a balding man with a round, smiling face. What is it about it that makes you feel as if he's watching you eagerly? Your eyelids are beginning to feel a little heavy; it must be the warmth and the smoke. You cast a final glance at the image before moving on, and see the man's mouth opening. Not only does it open, but it keeps opening until it's impossibly wide, the man's head contorted out of all sense, and his maw still expanding all over the picture, as if he was going to lean out and swallow you up in one piece --- You scream and fall backwards. When you look up, the painting is as it was before. The shock has not left you unscathed, though - you must Test your Resource, and if you are not successful you will lose 1 Vitality point. Still dizzy, your eyes fall upon the fire roaring in the hearth. Turn to 26.