Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


After a few minutes of flipping back and forth, you believe you've managed to make some sense of it all. The book speaks reverently of something referred to as the Box. This concept is not explained in closer detail, as if it's something with which everyone should be familiar. It relates that in the years following the Incarceration, it was found (but not commonly known) that there still existed rogue spirits and demonic manifestations. As no one could even entertain the notion of reopening the Box in an attempt to accommodate them, and the forging of another Box was an equally unthinkable undertaking, some other means must be found to contain these entities. Various teams of demon-hunters volunteered (more or less) to create prisons of a lesser kind and safeguard them with their lives. However, they had underestimated the changes that would soon be taking place in the surrounding world as well as the subtle influence of the demonic beings which were not contained in the Box. As the years passed, these demon-hunters and their heirs increasingly lost interest in their duties, and some even degenerated into perverted shadows of their former selves and stations. Moreover, they found little or no support from the rest of their kin, who had blended into ordinary society, all but forgetting what once had been reality. Still, many of these lesser prisons held their supernatural charges by virtue of the power of their original forging. Thus most trapped spirits could only bide their time, seething within fragile walls and waiting for an opportunity for escape, contenting themselves with tormenting their unfortunate jailors if any such remained. At this point your reading is interrupted by a soft bump. You cannot tell from whence it came. You can choose to stay put and read on (turn to 79), walk over to the clock (turn to 68), or get up, back out of the room and try the other door you saw (turn to 58).