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The Imp's eyes seem to light up when you advance with your guard up. As if accepting your challenge, it floats down to face you standing on top of the table, picking up a sharp knife as you dart forward to attack. The Chaos Imp is wearing a wide grin which looks almost imbecile in its eagerness. For its diminutive size it is a ferocious fighter, as you will notice when you resolve this battle:

Chaos Imp: Skill 4, Vitality 1

If you win, turn to 83. If you lose, the Chaos Imp ends the fight by stabbing its knife deep into your chest. Then it reclines on the table, calmly inspecting its fingernails while you are still reeling around clutching the knife's handle, grasping at the drapes and slowly sliding down to the floor. The last thing you hear will be the Imp's tittering laugh...