Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You frantically try to steady yourself, almost leaping forward to get away from the loose tiles which, judging by the incessant clatter, are falling off the roof in bundles. Once you are sure you're no longer in danger of falling, you pause to let your wildly beating heart catch up, not daring to move an inch. You've still got your disc, but you are in something of a predicament. Though you could possibly get down the same way you got up, you're not so eager to brave the feat again. Looking around, you notice an attic window or skylight close by. Surely there must be a way down if you just manage to get inside the house in one piece. Edging slowly forwards, you make your way to the window. It turns out to be absolutely thick with grime - you cannot see a thing beneath. You lean forward to wipe off some of the filth - and fall forward and downward with a cry of surprise! For the window was balanced on an axis and flipped open as soon as you rested your hands on one side of it. Fortunately for you the fall is not a very long one, but the floorboards that greet you at the bottom are nonetheless quite unyielding. You can comfort yourself with the fact that the blow to your head will do no lasting damage. Turn to 50.