Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You open the door and enter a spacious drawing-room, complete with a four-piece suite and a large brick fireplace. In fact, when you get a good look around in the half-light, you discover that this room shows little or none of the dilapidation and disuse that marks the rest of the house. The floor has been swept clear of dust, and there is an elusive aroma in the air, like that of smoke from a cigar or a pipe. Suddenly there is a scritching sound, and the next thing you notice, there is a fire burning in the hearth. Does someone live in this house after all, making use of only a portion of the space available? Several doors lead away from here, but most of them appear locked or jammed. The smell of wood-smoke evokes an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation and warmth. If you like you can rest here for a while, admiring the china plates above the fireplace and the brass candlesticks on the table (turn to 84). If you're feeling a little restless you can either browse the portraits hung along the walls (turn to 69) or decide to leave through a door standing ajar in one corner of the room (turn to 8).