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You glance around to see if there is perhaps a knife to be found, or a sturdy poker. Your face screws up in disgust as you see that there are enormous growths of mould in some of the pans, along with pieces of fruit and meat which have gone beyond rotten into some unknown realm of culinary imperfection. But who put them there in the first place? You are leaning over a bench trying to discern some method in the madness when all of a sudden a creature pops up from behind it. You yell out in alarm! Facing you across the bench is a greenish, rotted corpse with insanely bulging eyes, lips curled back to reveal a maniac grin, and wearing of all things a torn apron and a filthy chef's hat. Before you can move, it raises its bony hands up from behind the bench, each brandishing a bloodstained cleaver. You must fight this creature:

Corpse Chef: Skill 3, Vitality 2

After two rounds of combat you can grab a kitchen knife from an open drawer, which will serve as a weapon if you haven't already got one (meaning you will not have to subtract Skill in combat from that point). If you win, turn to 78. If you lose, turn to 14.