Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You step through and find yourself in one corner of a disused hallway. A cracked mirror hangs obliquely to your left, revealing a large rent in the wallpaper. Across the room, between two boarded windows, you can make out something that makes your heart skip a beat. A door leading outside! You are just about to rush over to it when a creaking sound comes from above. You are standing in the shadow of a wooden stairway going down from the first floor, and you can clearly hear descending footsteps. Not wanting to be caught out in case the door shouldn't budge, you wait in the gloom beneath the stairs. A figure becomes visible at the foot of the stairs, saunters over to the door, then turns to face you directly. Your blood curdles when you see that the face sneering at you is your own! It is the double from the mirror in the attic. During your first encounter with this thing, you did not destroy it, but merely set it free from the confines of the mirror. Now it is looking to repay that favour by putting an end to your life. What will you do to defend yourself? You must choose carefully, as you will most likely be able to act only once before the double is upon you. Will you face it bravely in combat (turn to 23)? Or if you are still carrying a loaded pistol, will you fire it (turn to 89)? Or will you use some other item in your possession (turn to 42)?