Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You walk between the yew hedge and the house, passing a pile of leaves blown together by the wind. The wall is covered with thick, dark ivy. Approaching the front of the house, you spy a small building like a sunken garage or outhouse. Stepping on an old plastic barrel turned upside-down, you climb up on the roof of this building, which seems sturdy enough. To your mounting frustration, looking out over the surrounding lawn and the flower-beds running along the house yields no result. Just as you're about to hop down, however, your eyes catch on a glint of yellow - not from below, but from above. Isn't that your bright yellow disc, resting on the weathered tiles of the house's steeply sloping roof, next to one of the tall chimneys? But is that even possible? You try to calculate the speeds and angles involved; in any case, it must certainly have been your farthest throw ever. Then again, it has happened before that a disc was found in the last place that anyone would think to look - a freak gust of wind, perhaps... You quickly take stock of your options. You could try to climb the ivy creepers, which look thick and intertwined enough to carry your weight (turn to 11). If this seems a little risky, your only other choice is to go around and try the back door, hoping there is a way to reach the roof from inside (turn to 77).