Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You pick a dusty chest from one of the many available to you, and with a grunt of effort heave its lid open. Inside you find various pieces of clothing carefully folded over and stacked on top of one another. Curiously enough, most of it seems to have belonged in earlier centuries, while some of it wouldn't look so out of place in the modern world. And yet you don't get the feeling that the older clothes are merely props or fakes, but that someone's stowed them away expecting to use them again some day. Closing the lid on the contents of this chest, you try another, smaller one. This time you're rewarded with an assortment of exotic trinkets, again appearing as if the collection has been added to for perhaps more years than the house can reasonably have stood. Among other things there is a set of ancient duelling pistols inlaid with ivory and gold, a small mirror framed with silver, and a wicked-looking punching dagger of Oriental design. You may take one of these items with you if you wish. If you choose a pistol, you must remember that it may only be fired once. If on the other hand you choose the dagger, this counts as a weapon meaning you don't have to subtract from your Skill in battle. When you've made your choice, you are distracted by a particularly loud bang and turn your attention from the chests. Will you now walk over to the window (turn to 28), try one of the cupboards (turn to 80), or nervously set off to investigate the noise (turn to 22)?