Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You enter a large dining-hall whose resplendence stands in stark contrast to most rooms in this house. It is dominated by a long, darkly polished table set for a meal: a row of china plates flanked by silver cutlery on each side, candlesticks and crystal glasses in between. The walls are clad with wood panelling and spotless green wallpaper with gold stripes, decorated with portraits and heraldry. The walls to either side of you are hung with huge crimson drapes, and there is a bell-pull of the same colour. One end of the room sports a large fireplace. In front of you, suspended from the high ceiling, is a chandelier whose faceted quartz crystals sparkle in every colour with the light of the candles set within. But there is something much more sinister to this lovely object. For resting on top of the chandelier, seemingly weightless, is a small, thin, large-headed creature. It watches you with huge, feral eyes as it strokes its round chin with spindly, long-nailed hands. But its most prominent feature is its sharply pointed ears, which are themselves almost as long as the rest of its body, if not longer. As soon as you make the slightest move, the pixie-like creature snickers and waves one finger in the air. Immediately, the door behind you slams shut. Three knives rise from the table as if possessed by a will of their own, spin around and suddenly dart at you in a rotating formation! You feel as if you are rooted to the spot. The knives flash before your eyes, then thump into the floor, forming a triangle about your feet. The Chaos Imp emits a high-pitched chirring noise, mocking your fear - but you have reason to fear. Turn to 16.