Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You hold out the jar you brought from the kitchen, not knowing what to expect. To your surprise, the impish creature winces at the sight! You shake the jar at it, and the Chaos Imp topples from its perch, landing on the table below. Encouraged, you step forward, unscrewing the lid on the jar while the Imp is waving its hands from side to side as if begging you to desist. But you care little for its pitiful and murderous existence. You remove the lid from the top of the jar, intending to toss the contents at the Imp. This never happens. Instead, virtually the same moment you open the jar, the black chunks come to life and crawl over the rim of the jar, onto your hand, up your arm, far quicker than any earthly maggot. When all of them are out of the jar, they proceed to burrow straight into your body using a highly corrosive secretion which also doubles as a local anaesthetic. You fall limply to the floor, able to move only your head and one hand. It will be a few hours before your vital functions give in, and the Chaos Imp will be watching the whole time, chittering from time to time at your sobs of despair. Your adventure ends here.