Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


It's rather chilly in the deep shadow of the yew hedge, and the untended lawn has been invaded by moss in places. You look this way and that, but cannot see any sign of your disc. Somewhere far away you can hear a car starting up, a sharp rumbling which quickly recedes in the distance. Suddenly it seems that the sun must have passed behind a cloud. You're just walking by a metal sundial almost completely obscured by some ferns and flowers. As sunlight slowly returns to the rest of the garden, you glance at the sundial. Apparently the few rays of sun filtering through the thick hedge are enough to cast a vague shadow across the rim of the dial. It points at seven o'clock. This mystifies you somewhat, since you could have sworn it was no more than five o'clock when you began your game of golf, and that was little more than thirty minutes ago. Maybe the sundial is simply out of alignment after so many years of neglect. If you like, you can stay and inspect it a little closer (turn to 70). If you'd rather be on your way, you can leave the shadows and search the lawn (turn to 15), or you can continue along the hedge towards the front of the house (turn to 47).