Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


Advising your enemy to eat lead, you raise your pistol and fire. There is a bang, and gunpowder smoke billows profusely from the barrel. In fact, far more smoke than you would have expected. In almost no time, you cannot see a thing in front of you. Dropping the pistol, you take a step back towards the door, wary of what will happen. Suddenly the Imp's head shoots out of the haze, screeching right in your face! You scream and topple backwards, hitting your head on the door (lose 1 Vitality point). You quickly pick yourself up to see that the cloud of smoke is amazingly contracting, flowing in reverse to gather in a drinking glass held by the Imp. Resting lazily on the table, the creature lifts the glass to its lips to drink, assumes an air of mock puzzlement, and plucks the bullet from the bottom of the glass. It barks a high-pitched laugh then tosses bullet and glass over its shoulders and floats back up in the air. Turn to 16.