Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You stare at the fire whose flames have all of a sudden turned green! One moment they're flowing upwards like a normal fire; the next, it is as if the flames spill out across the floor like a transparent liquid or heavy fog. You scramble frantically to your feet at the sight, but your legs will not carry you further. Pale green wisps flow, churn and dissipate all around you like something intangible and unreal. Staring at this scene you suddenly realize that the vapour is not so lacking in substance after all. Beginning over by the hearth, the mists closest to the floor grow less transparent, taking on darker green hues and organic textures as some sort of fleshy mass is coalescing from out of nowhere. Sickly bulges form and erupt, tendrils shooting forth and dissolving. A few taller stalks sprout from the shapeless thing. In front of your eyes, the tops of the stalks widen, budding and opening to reveal red eyes, constantly bleeding a watery fluid. Your paralysis breaks. You are determined to get out of this place, but the monstrosity now blocks your way forward. How will you deal with it? You can leap forward in a rage to fight it as best you can, using any weapon you may have (turn to 45), or you can try to jump clear of it (turn to 72). If none of this seems like an appealing proposition to you, you can try to use some special item you may have come across (turn to 5).