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You've had it with this pest. If you are in need of a weapon, you can grab the knife lying before you on the carpet (meaning you will not have deduct Skill in combat from now on). The Imp is reeling from shock and pain, but still manages to put up something of a fight, slashing viciously with its long, sharp nails. Resolve this encounter once and for all:

Chaos Imp: Skill 2, Vitality 1

If you win, you can proceed unmolested out of the room. Turn to 67. If you run out of Vitality you have lost after all. The Chaos Imp, gurgling with hatred, grabs a sharp knife and stabs you between the eyes, whereupon you instantly die. Hours later, after the Imp has regained something of its composure, it will deeply regret having put you out of your misery instead of saving you for days or weeks of unimaginable torture. But alas, by then it will be too late.