Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You make your way among the clutter of antiques and rubbish, the banging sound getting louder ahead. The light is so dim you can barely see the silhouettes of the objects that block your way from time to time. Eventually you spot a rectangular outline ahead - a door. You move eagerly forward, but jerk to a halt as you spy a movement ahead. Is there someone standing in front of the door? You dare hardly breathe as you take one silent step after another, the banging still going on somewhere close by. You stop only a short distance from the door and can now see that the shadowy figure in front of you is mimicking your movements to a T. A full-length mirror! You almost laugh out loud and then take another step forward, only to jump back again when you see that your mirror image does not! As you stare at it without moving a muscle, the image sneers at you, then jumps forward, impossibly - as it seems, right out into the room! If you have a pistol and want to fire it at the apparition, turn to 3. Otherwise, turn to 86.