Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


You gingerly step inside the room, feeling the wall beside the doorway. It figures that whoever lived here last had never heard of electric light! There is no switch of any kind. You do however find one side of what feels like a wooden rack used to store wine bottles. You trace the slanting wooden bars that make up the rack, edging forward until your fingers touch the neck of a corked bottle. Not really having any idea what to do, you pull the bottle from its resting-place. It seems to have been provided with some sort of label, which of course you cannot read. You are wondering what to do with it when there is a faint scraping sound. Is anybody there? You stare all around you, but there is nothing but blackness. Suddenly there is a loud crash which coincides with a staggeringly painful blow to the side of your head. Someone has broken a bottle across your temple! You barely have time to cry out in pain and surprise before the jagged end of the smashed bottle is shoved firmly into your throat. You fall to the ground, gurgling and clutching at your neck. The Skeleton that patiently stands vigil in this room does not consider you an enemy. It just cannot stand the idea of someone else touching its precious collection of fine vintages. Your adventure ends here.