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The flower-beds have certainly seen more organized times. Herbs and precious flowers are competing for space and nourishment with patches of wiry grasses, creeping weeds and even budding saplings. Apart from the once neatly paved pathways there is little in the way of decoration that you can see. The only ornament you come across is a group of six stone figurines scattered across an expanse of crowded soil. They're shaped in the likeness of a snail, a cobra, some sea bird with a vicious-looking bill, a beaver, a bear and a rearing elephant. Noticing a pattern to their placement, you find a seventh plinth; but this one is empty, as if its occupant has simply decided to take off. If this intrigues you, you can look more closely by turning to 82. If not, you can either walk towards the house after all (turn to 15), or you can walk around the side of the house to where you can see a small vegetable garden (turn to 53).