Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


The book you have chosen appears to be some sort of gothic fiction. Hapless victims run around in circles in dark, twisted castles while unspeakable horrors lurk at the boundaries of perception. Thinking that this strikes a little too close to home, you select another book and pick it up. Printed early in the 19th century, it sports a delicate metal clasp and a fine goatskin cover hidden underneath a layer of grainy dust. To your dismay, the gothic maze seems to be something of a theme in this collection. On the page where you opened the book, the protagonist has just arrived by way of a secret door into a candle-lit library, lifting a book from a shelf at random and reading aloud to himself a scene where a man reading a book is approached from behind by an awful creature. He then turns... There is a thump behind you. Checking yourself, you glance over your shoulder. Did that book fall out of the bookcase of its own accord? When you turn your head back, someone is standing right in front of you. Or rather some thing, as this creature is a mere parody of a human being. Pale strands and patches of sickly skin are stretched tautly across its body, showing gashes of raw flesh and sinew in between. It has no facial features, only strips of skin covering the places where its eyes and nose should be; its mouth is a gurgling wound. Before you can react, the thing rakes your arm with sharp claws, causing you to cry out in pain and drop the book. Lose 1 Vitality point, and you must then fight this shambling creature:

Fleshling Zombie: Skill 2, Vitality 2

If you win, turn to 62. Should you lose, the Zombie will promptly set to work peeling the skin off your body, in its ever-continuing quest to keep up a decent appearance...