Mansion of Maleficence by Per Jorner - Introduction - Rules - Start - Sections


Your last blow knocks your opponent onto the floor. Grimacing and wheezing, it clutches its side and looks up at you. Seeing the determination in your eyes, it finally realizes it has been defeated. There is a faint cracking sound, followed by louder ones. Every move it makes now is jerky and painful: its substance is losing its human qualities, reverting to its unnatural origins. But maybe there remains one possibility of escape - the hallway mirror! If it can find refuge in its natural element, it won't have to perish. Bounding up with one last effort, the mirror double leaps across the room. You yell and jump forward to stop it, but there is no time - for either of you. In mid-air, the mirror creature disintegrates into small chunks and shards of glass that shower over the floor, clattering softly and glinting in the half-light before finally dissolving into air as if they had never existed. You are alone with your bruises and your lingering fear. Clutching your golf disc, you grab the handle of the door, swing it open - sweet outdoors! - and run out onto the back porch, slamming the door behind you. You have survived the Mansion of Maleficence.

The sky seems to be only a little darker than when you first came to this place. Not wanting to stay about the house or the garden, you run across the lawn to the half-hidden pathway, leaves rustling agitatedly in the wind around you. You dash through the tangled shrubland and emerge in the meadow next to the golf course. Your friends! What will they think? Have they been worried about your disappearance? But in that case wouldn't they have gone to look for you? You start off across the golf course until you spy two of your friends, the others having called it a day. You ask them the time and it turns out you were gone for about an hour, yet they say they didn't realize it had been that long. It's like somehow you slipped from their minds completely for the last hour and it was just a couple of minutes ago that it occurred to them to wonder what you were up to. And where have you been, anyway? You tell them about the garden and the house, not trying to make it all sound too interesting, and then, not being able to come up with a good lie, you say you happened to go inside the house to have a look and it took you ages to find your way out again. They laugh and say you couldn't find your way around a streetlight - but then, all at once, their faces go slack and their eyes stare right through you. In a droning voice, one of them says: "But are you sure you ever left the house?" And the other intones: "For no one leaves the house." A chill grips you and you stare at them in horror and disbelief. Then just as suddenly they both burst out laughing again, jeering at you. "Got ya! Hey, what do you say we finish this game, now?" You manage a weak chuckle and nod your agreement. But your forced smile quickly fades and the chill never quite leaves your bones as you set off after them, stopping to cast a nervous glance over your shoulder back towards where that haunted house stands waiting. The evil is still contained within, but for how long? For how long...?

Aw, who cares? You have won! Yay you! You rise a level as a ghost-buster! Congratulations!