I'm not dividing these into regular and obscure anymore, so you'll have to sort them out on your own.


Hypertext Webster Gateway at UCSD: English dictionary.

Skoldatanätet: Lexin - svensk-engelskt lexikon: Swedish-English dictionary.

The Bare Bones Guide to HTML: Simple reference guide for HTML.


Pat's Mike Oldfield Page: A great page devoted to the greatest artist of all time. Its best feature is the opinions bit.

The "Elsewhere" Vangelis WWW-site: A page about Vangelis, who is accidentally the second greatest.

The Top Sampling Groups List: Index: Find the sources of those samples you always wondered about. Seemingly dead, so the link points to the Wayback Machine.

Music creation

MadTracker: Download a good sequencer (i.e. a program that turns sounds into music).

Welcome to MAZ home: An extremely impressive site containing free samples, sequencers, software synthesizers, rippers etc.

sample arena - free sound samples: Free instrument samples.

The Mod Archive: More free samples.

Fast Tracker 2 instruments archive: Samples in FastTracker 2 instrument format, usable in MadTracker.

Mythology and religion

The Book of Gods, Goddesses, Heroes and Other Characters of Mythology: A kind of reference guide to mythological characters. No real depth, though. Dead?

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts: Interesting legends and stories.

Bulfinch: A complete book on mythology, with a considerable emphasis on Greek/Roman mythology.

Encyclopedia Mythica: Searchable encyclopedia on... guess what.

Bibliomania: Free Online Literature and Study Guides: A large collection of online texts, including Brewer's Phrase & Fable.

About -Religion & Spirituality: The part of the exhaustive about.com network dealing with religion, with links to articles and homepages.

The Occult - Occultopedia: The Occult and Unexplained Encyclopedia: Your average occultopedia.


Internet Anagram Server: Hilarious anagram creator.

Coffee FAQ: Only one of many coffee FAQ:s on the web. Do a web search for "coffee faq" to find the rest of them.

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Snopes is a great urban legends page that debunks tons of crap and presents legends in a very sensible and readable manner.

:: Index: TOObS ROOL is a kind of board for stuff. Swedish.

FREE DESKTOP WALLPAPERS: Good wallpaper collection including lots of high-quality nature pics. Beware of naughty banners, though.


qwantz.com - daily dinosaur comics: Today is a good day I think to read webcomics about dinosaurs.

[Boy on a Stick and Slither]: Philosophy, political agitation and the human condition condensed into minimalistic graphic design.

The Order of the Stick: A webcomic aimed primarily at fans of RPGs, more specifically D&D.

Dresden Codak: If a sentence such as "I'm starting to hate Copenhagen Interpretation fantasy camp" isn't enough to make you fall in love, what is? You need to know the answers to questions like this.

Gunnerkrigg Court - By Tom Siddell: It's about girls and a school and stuff like that. Shortly after I found this comic it became my favourite webcomic on any internet in the world.

Flaky Pastry: A slightly flaky webcomic that I happen to like.

The Perry Bible Fellowship: One of very few comics with Truancy Bot in it.

Books and Writing

SKRIVA Info Page: Homepage of a Swedish mailing list for writers of fantastic fiction.

Book-A-Minute SF/F: Ultra-condensed books for those with no time to read.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.: Articles on writing.

WORDPLAY: Witty and insightful columns on writing movie scripts, potentially useful for prosaists.

The Tolkien Sarcasm Page: Essential Tolkien lore.

Olai & Lindgren Reklambyrå: Exhaustive collection of language links, mostly Swedish-related. Removed?

Ralan Conley's Webstravaganza - Links for Hungry Writers: More language links than you can turn over with a yellow bulldozer.

The Online Books Page: Search engine with links to online texts.

Movies and TV

Tim Lynch Reviews: Site with Star Trek episode reviews.

Star Trek: Hypertext: Jammer's Star Trek reviews.

The Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5: A useful page about the best sf show out there.


The Wasteland Ranger HQ-Grid: A place dedicated to Wasteland, one of the best computer games ever made.

The Desert Ranger Outpost: Another Wasteland page.

No Mutants Allowed: A Fallout page. Fallout 2 is incidentally the game that replaced Wasteland as my all-time favourite.

Duck and Cover: Another Fallout page.

jay is - jay bibby's rants and raves of flash games and gameplay: An excellent portal to Shockwave/Flash games of all kinds in blog form. Don't miss Orisinal, Samorost, 99 Rooms, 10 Gnomes, Lacotipa or a host of other brilliant adventures, puzzles, arcade games and interactive thingies.

games.AsoBrain.com - Java based multiplayer games: A place to play The Settlers of Catan or Carcassonne online, against bots or maybe real people.


Demian's Gamebook Web Page: A collector's gamebook page.

FightingFantasy.com: Another one. Dead, so the link goes to the Wayback Machine.

Project Aon: All of the Lone Wolf books made freely available as hypertext. Imagine that.

Disc golf

Disc Golf Disc Reviews: Disc reviews.

discgolfsweden.se - Sveriges discgolfcentrum på nätet: Disc reviews, advice and stuff. In Swedish.

Svensk Discsport: Uppsala's leading disc retailer.