Here are the computer game guides I have written, presented in stylish HTML format. I like to call them guides instead of walkthroughs since they're more about presenting all the info than leading the player along by the hand. There are also some mods. It was all done for the good of humanity, so help yourself.

BozarThe Nearly Ultimate Fallout 2 Guide (V1.3, 822 kb): This is probably the one you're looking for. Fallout 2 is that rare kind of game which inspires a broad and devoted following years after its release, and keeps fans drooling over little tidbits of design background or world building.

The Rock Collecting Mod (91 kb): A Fallout 2 map which is a sort of scavenger hunt. Find them Rocks! Now there's a walkthrough for those few who lack pixel detection powers.

The LieutenantThe Nearly Ultimate Fallout Guide (V1.1, 274 kb): A guide to the slightly less popular and much less extensive predecessor. Still, it started the whole thing off and kicked two-headed cow butt in its day.

GlowviperThe Nearly Ultimate Wasteland Guide (V1.2, 249 kb): A guide and homage to the incredibly classic CRPG from 1987. If you ever wanted to meet a Rubble Fanger, a Slicerdicer, a Radiation Angel or a Fusion Octotron, and then blast them to pieces, this is the game for you.

IdentifyThe Infinity Engine Games Walkthrough Addenda, Bugs and Stuff Repository (146 kb): What it sounds like. In text format.

Baldur's Gate Minor Convenience Patch (10 kb): A modest tweak pack for Baldur's Gate. You can read the presentation here. Note that Gibberlings Three now have a BG tweak pack so you may want to get that instead.

StratosSacrifice Boon Guide (19 kb): It's a guide that helps you get boons. In Sacrifice, not in real life. Also in text format.

Falling StarShandalar Haxxer (13 kb): A save game editing utility I made for MicroProse's Magic: the Gathering that may save you a headache or two (e.g. turn off sieges, turn off the stupid Power Struggles, turn off life carrying over in dungeons).

Shandalar Splicer (7 kb): Another save game editing utility which lets you extract your character and card collection for insertion into another map.