Q: What's all this, then?
A: It's an image gallery with a theme. I collect illustrations that fit a certain concept and put a few words to them to make people smile or scratch their heads. Or that's the plan, at any rate. It started out as just a handful of images and an excuse to put them on the same page, now here we are with roughly 175 pieces of art and some dangerously wacky lines.

Q: Hey, there are files missing when I click the images on page 8 onwards.
A: Yeah, I ran out of webspace and was (is) too lazy to change the HTML template to remove clickability, not knowing whether I'd eventually upload them or not. I now have such a "backlog" of images that I definitely won't be able to upload full-size versions of all of them with the server space presently at my disposal.

Q: Couldn't you put them on Imageshack or some other image hosting service?
A: Probably, but I ultimately feel more comfortable using my own ISP account (even though they only allow me 60 MB, the niggardly bastards). I don't want to risk not being able to remove them should the need arise (i.e. some artist starts yelling at me).

Q: Any chance you can send me the missing pictures?
A: I will have to answer that with a firm and pre-emptive no. The main purpose of this feature is not to distribute high-resolution image files, and you should be able to search for them elsewhere easily enough.

Q: Don't these pages violate all kinds of copyright thingies?
A: Most likely answer: yes! I did ask permission in one case and was given it, but the vast majority of pics I just scavenged off the web and reposted with cheerful abandon. I manage to rationalize this in a few ways, though. Firstly, these are all pictures that have already been made available on the net in some form or other - in many cases by the artists themselves. Secondly, I give credit whenever possible, which combined with reason one should make "a little more availability" hopefully inoffensive. Thirdly, there's no money, marketing, goodwill or other tangible or intangible profit in this for me whatsoever; it's just for fun and appreciation of the included art. Fourthly, I actually do something with the pictures as opposed to just posting them for people to watch. I'd never bother to merely put up a collection of random fantasy images; other people have much better skills and resources for that. The strictly defined theme and the captions are what form a creative context (or something), and I delude myself into thinking that at least some of the artists would actually be amused to find their creations a part of it. And fifthly, it is all in such good taste, even if I make those painted people look very silly at times.

Q: I'm one of the artists you're talking about and I'm not convinced by the above. You blackguard.
A: I certainly will remove your image(s), with apologies, if you ask me to. I'm just hoping you've given it some consideration, but if that's what you want I can't question your decision. Although I can't be a blackguard without the Power Attack feat. What?

Q: Since you're using the pictures, does that mean I can as well?
A: I can't say that. If you're thinking of using part of a picture for a forum avatar or something like that, I'm pretty sure it falls under either fair use or who-cares-anyway use. If you're thinking of anything even tangentially commercial, the answer is surely no.

Q: i leik ur pag e
A: Neat.

Q: I find your captions intermittently/consistently unintelligible/unfunny.
A: True, true. This will happen and it's my fault, having resorted to numerous pop-cultural or contextual jokes and references of the "had to be there" sort of throwaway lines. To take a couple of examples that, in theory, more than ten people in the world could actually spot, the "Why don't they look?" line is from an MST3K outing, and "Shiny ones!" is a piece of deliciously voice-acted dialogue from Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. No need to feel illiterate for missing those, in other words. I know this kind of in-joking is rather audience-unfriendly and I should be ashamed, but I'm mostly unrepentant. And I'll do it again. To wrap up the question, there are several reasons why I'm driven to obscurity/drollness: firstly, that I'm dealing with so many similar pics; secondly, that I egomaniacally assume that what I find amusing or charming, all find amusing or charming who are drawn to the place to begin with; thirdly, that I tend to do these in bursts and it's easy to go for cheap puns and recontextualized clichés when you have no better ideas; fourthly, that it's part of what makes it fun, that we catch these great dragons and ladies in the middle of perfectly commonplace or inconsequential conversation; and fifthly, that I'm keeping a "family friendly" kind of constraint on it all (no, really).

Q: There are these pics I think would fit in the gallery, can I mail them?
A: Please don't. Not everyone in this modern world has yet cable access to the mighty Internet, and chances are I'm not interested in all of the pictures anyway. You can send me links, however, or just let me know you have some pics and then we can take it from there.

Q: What pictures don't qualify?
A: Glad you asked! Here is a list of stuff that typically rules an image out for inclusion in the gallery:

Q: But you've broken some of those rules already.
A: Bwahaha! Haa ha! Haaaaaa. No, seriously, it's probably because a) it was done before I had the "rules" figured out, and/or b) I couldn't let a caption go to waste. Whatever is already in stays.

Q: Do you keep a cache of disqualified pictures? Can you send them to me?
A: a) Not as far as you know. b) No.

Q: So which are your favourite images/captions?
A: (Look, I was actually asked that once, so it's not just an excuse to surreptitiously praise my own stuff. Not entirely anyway. More like 85%.) On page 1, I like the Newtonian mechanics one because they look so very serious (and because Royo rocks). "Friendly tackle" tends to crack me up, and "turn off the gas" is interesting since you get the impression the dragon is letting its mind wander during what might be a delicate moment. On page 2 I like "'Ride of the Valkyries'" because the dragon looks so smug, the "bird masquerade" one in general, and "going to the vet". On page 3 I like "tubular hair thingies" because it makes no sense that anyone would ever say that, and "mango" for being cutely Pythonesque. On page 4 I like the Romeo and Juliet one because it actually required RESEARCH. Gasp! Also "leaf heaven" for the concept, "dragon's brain" for the silliness and "frost dragon" for the wonderful drawing. On page 5 I like "economy class" because it's actually funny. On page 6 I like the one with tomatoes and also "Jump!" since that girl is so cute. I always giggle at the end of the "Ha ha ha!" sequence. "Poke someone's eye out" goes pretty well with the image on page 7, and "I like mangos" is neat on page 8. There, I pretty much summed up the highlights so you don't have to.

Q: Dude, wtf, frames? Frames are so last decade. By the way, when's the next update?
A: Um... look behind you, a three-headed monkey?

Q: Do Japanese surnames go first or last nowadays, anyway?
A: Man, I don't know, I use Google and stuff to try to find out how they want it. Apparently they move the names around themselves sometimes to avoid confusion in Western contexts, causing confusion.

Q: Wait, is that nudity at the top of page 11?
A: No, she's got trousers on, you can see a pair of buttons. I may have slipped in an is-it-really-there-it's-hard-to-make-out nipple elsewhere, though. Tee hee! (God.)