Battered dragon and armoured woman
By Lindsay Archer

"Don't just lie there - I have another attack pattern I want to practice."

Ponderous dragon and woman
By Lindsay Archer

"Before the great philosophical questions, dragon and human stand as equals."
"How do you know they haven't already been answered?"
"Well, not to my satisfaction."
"Everything isn't about you."

Woman holding hungry-looking dragon by reins
By Lawrence A. Williams

"No, no, I said, I could meet a hobbit right about now, which I'm sure we all agree is perfectly non-racist and inoffensive. Let's go to the zoo."

Woman with bloodied weapons standing on crumpled dragon
By Michael Komarck

"Best three out of five? Ow."

Woman, gargoyle-ish dragon and small flying thing
By N. Taylor Blanchard

"Look, when I position myself over the river like this the perspective makes it look like I'm really small."
"You are really small, and you're right in front of my face."
"Aww, shucks."

Dragon and woman in front of stained-glass window
By Scott Grimando

"And so Rothrox the Thrice-hatched returned from his quest with the Sword of Truth to found the First Church of Dragonkin and usher in a golden era of peace and civility. Of course, it ended up with everyone beating the crap out of each other to get at the sword."

Woman with shield and spear and dragon
By Steve Roberts

"It's been a few months now since we burned down anything really big. What do you say it's time for another trip to civilization?"
"Sure, but lose that I-was-inserted-into-this-picture-with-Photoshop look first - it draws attention."

Woman standing in front of dragon-shaped flames
By Todd Lockwood

"Great dragon of elemental fire, with my spellforce I conjure thee!"
"Half-naked woman of voodoo magic, kindly desist with the conjuring, yours, the great dragon of fire, Esq., etc. etc."

Dragon instructing elf girl
By Tony DiTerlizzi

"Remember these words, daughter, and remember them well, for there may come a day when my kind is gone and the spirits of the earth are silent and the tenets of the ancients must be passed down from generation to generation all through an era of darkness. First of all: don't peel the potatoes before cooking them, you'll leech out all the vitamin C."

Woman and dragon among geometric 3D objects
By Henning Ludvigsen

"You knew very well I collect abstract garden ornaments when you decided to marry me."

Reading woman and dragon on shore
By Kenshiro Suzuki

"Do you think books turn us into better people?"
"Where did you get that idea?"
"Read it somewhere, I guess."
"... No."

Spearwoman on outcrop and dragon
By Max Bertolini

"All right, here's the deal: you pick my teeth, I pick yours."

Woman with sword on dragon's head
By Max Bertolini

"Sneak attack!"

Dragon and woman with balls of light
By Michael Whelan

"Bet you can't do a Rubinstein's Revenge, though."

Woman holding glass orb and flying dragon
By Steve Fox

"Note to self: be more careful with taking out the +2 orb of taco aroma when in dragon country."

Woman and dragon holding up claws
By Vincent Di Fate

"My foot looks ridiculous."

Flying dragon and woman looking up
By Larry Elmore

"I was thinking... if we ever get stuck in a time loop, going through the same events over and over again, is it OK if I eat you a couple of times? You know, because it won't really matter?"

Sleeping dragon and girl
By Hayao Miyazaki (?)

"Zzz... srrnnzz... kill all humans... zzz... pesky little vermin... zzrrnzzzzz..."