Dragon and woman playing cards
By Douglas Shuler

"No, you can't force me to take off my clothes with a Strip Mine."

Dragon's head and woman
By Douglas Shuler

"Look, you stupid bastard. You've got no head!"
"Yes I have."
"Just a flesh wound."

Dragon and reclining woman
By Douglas Shuler

"The bond between a dragon and its rider can become so strong that they often end up finishing each other's..."
"I don't get it then."
"Sentences, you dummy, sentences! Is that so bloody hard?"
"Well, sheesh, guess I'm only human. No, wait, I'm a dragon."

Woman holding chained dragon
By Douglas Shuler

"I used to call this the 'chain of command', but people would throw rocks at me."

Drgaon tugging on woman's undies
By Douglas Shuler

"Look, you little wretch, there's a point where 'cute' stops being a valid excuse."

Dragon and woman holding dagger
By Boada

"Are you going to stand there all day crying? I'll cut those onions myself if I have to!"

Grinning woman on dragon
By Dave Stevens and William Stout

"I'm practicing my evil grin. Look, no pupils! Grinnnn."

Woman on bridled dragon
By Roel


Dragon and worried girl
By Steve Roberts

"It's been at least three hours... do you think anyone's still mad we burned down that medium-sized city?"

Woman riding birdish dragon
By Steve Fastner and Rich Larson

"Apparently someone thinks replacing my dragon with a giant chicken in a rubber suit is 'funny'. I'll show them 'funny'."

Elf with dragon hovering in the background
By Håkan Ackegård

"It's the pointy ears that get them, every time."

Woman reclining in window and dragon hovering outside
By Håkan Ackegård

"At least since we updated the windows I haven't seen you crash so often."

Woman and robotic dragon
By John Zeleznik

"Hey, I'm a Zoid, I don't run on batteries. You'll just have to wind me up every now and again."

Woman chained on roof and dragon
By Ed Lloyd

"And then they mocked my theory of electricity! They all mock me! That charlatan Ben Franklin and all his charlatan cronies! Yeah, like melting a key's something really special, huh? I'll show them, and then I'll be doing the mocking! After I eat them!"

Woman holding dragon by bubbly reins
By Virgil Finlay

"We were the last, best hope for peace. We failed. But in the year of the custard pie fights, we became something greater: the last, best hope for victory. We failed again. Later on in the month of the hors-d'œuvre bombardment and the week of the minor jelly skirmish we became the last, best hope for a dignified retreat. We kind of blew that too. After that we just drifted around and tried to stay out of trouble."

Dragon and woman holding sword and triangular edge thing
By Clyde Caldwell

"Take the gold if you must, but if you're after the +2 cheese slicer of penetration it'll be over our dead bodies."
"Can I speak for myself here?"

Woman sticking sword in dragon
By Luis Royo

"Oww! I told you you'd poke someone's eye out with that!"
"What? Sheesh, that's not even your eye."
"For crying out - owwww! Just get it out!"

Dragon, winged woman and dragon bones
By Néné Thomas

"There lies Uncle Bill. I always told him he shouldn't go out without a scarf."