Mantled woman astride dragon
By Greg "Dark One" Williams

"Today is a good day to rampage mindlessly."

Dragon, woman and rowan tree
By Margaret Walty

"We'd better make a fortune from that rowan jelly. The perspective in this place is more than I signed up for."

Yellow-clad woman on azure dragon
By Mark Salwowski

"That's the tenth so far and what do we have to show for it - not a goblin, not a single gold piece, not even the puniest spike trap. Exploring ruins is nothing like the adventure games make it out to be. Reality sucks."

Woman and feathered dragon on outcrop
By Janny Wurts

"Look here, my fine-feathered friend."

Silvery dragon and woman
Artist unknown

"When I was a whelp tomatoes were this big, I tell you. You just can't get decent vegetables these days. We had different colours back then, too. I remember, red was a fine sight redder, now everything's just kind of watered down. Actually green used to be this odd shade of off-purple. They don't teach that in school, now do they."

Scantily clad woman on dragon on hoard
Artist unknown

"Gold and jewels are all well and fine, but you never take me to plunder Paris."

Girl and small dragon
By Michael Whelan

"Jump! Roll! Flap! Play dead! Sit! Breathe fire! Ow!"

Fuming dragon and chained woman
By Ken Barr

"Don't you think you're being a tiny bit possessive at times, dear?"

Spearwoman riding on dragon with forked tongue
By Robert Feik

"What do you call a dragon on a catwalk? A scale model."
"Ha ha ha!"

Woman and gaping dragon
By Robert Feik

"Ha ha ha!"
"Come on, it wasn't that funny."

Dragon and weary-looking woman
By Robert Feik

"Ha ha ha!"

Dragon, woman and ball of light
By Clyde Caldwell

"The problem with fairies is, once you hear that characteristic 'pop' sound when they blow up, you can't hear it too many times."

Woman with lance on dragon
By Ruth Thompson

"Sometimes I think, hey, what if there's really no such thing as magic in the world? But after a while I realize, if there was no magic there'd be nothing to hold up the pillars of the sky, and we'd all die horribly. So, duh, of course there's magic."

Five varicoloured dragon heads behind woman
By Jeff Easley

"I couldn't settle for any one colour, so I just had to get one of each."

Dragon and woman, y'know
By Drew Hilstad

"Does this dress make me look fat?"
"What do you mean, look?"

Woman and chained dragon on floating disc
By Jan Patrik Krasny

"When you first told me about the legendary Floating Stone Penny of Tchazuub I thought you were just yanking my chain."

Dragon encircling woman with fan
By Mark Smith

"I'm a famous pop singer, and this is my biggest fan."
"That is so lame."

Dragon in lake and woman
By Julie Bell

"You didn't by any chance notice a contact lens falling from the sky about five minutes ago?"