Dragon, woman, sword and pattern
By Cora Lee Healy

"Why, that is the second biggest transparent sword I've ever seen."

Woman riding on black dragon
By Stephen Hickman

"I can see my house from here! No, wait, that's someone else's house."

Girl and bug-eyed dragon
By Tim Hildebrandt

"There was a fly with you in the teleportation device, you say?"

Leather-clad dragon and woman
By Bob Layzell

"Be sharp, lackey! A glorious and dazzling High Lady must not be late! Faster yet, or I shall have you taste a sore whipping on arrival!"
"Mutter mutter, razzafrazzin' slave labour... I'll join the menial sidekicks' guild, you'll see... mutter grumble gripe... Glorious and dazzling who, anyway?"
"I heard that!"

Whirling small dragons and woman with tambourine
By Ingrid Neilson

"Once more with feeling!"

Dragon and woman by raised stone
By Keith Parkinson

"Maybe you're right and this isn't a bus stop after all."

Dragon and woman facing off on rocky bridge
By Mike Ploog

"That is very clever of you, Miss Adventuress, very clever. But what say you to this: what is the square root of 217156?"

Dragon and pointing woman
By Ray Rubin

"Look, a dead seagull!"
"Where? Where?"

Dragon protecting woman
By Ray Rubin

"Mister, I think maybe it's you who don't understand. When the Godmother walks into the room, you show her proper respect, see? When the Godmother talks, you listen. When the Godmother makes an offer, you think about it long an' hard. 'Cause mister, there ain't nothing much you'd wanna do less than pissing off the Godmother."

Woman flying on dragon against starry backdrop
By Judy King Rieniets

"Space, the great big area of unknown stuff."

Dragon and woman with snakes
By Judy King Rieniets

"Oh great, now my arm's fallen asleep."

Flying dragon grasping woman
By Judy King Rieniets

"What did you think was meant by economy class?"

Resting dragon and demure-looking woman
By Judy King Rieniets

"There's got to be better furnishing material than rock."
"Naw. Nothing beats rock."

Woman with whip atop two-headed dragon
By Boris Vallejo

"Let's go in different directions and see what she does then!"

Half-merged woman and dragon watching spaceship and mountain
By Boris Vallejo

"Why don't they look?"

Dragon and woman with many-pronged golden dagger
By Gen Jun Miya

"I can't wait to try out my new barbecue fork."

Half-stylized and wispy-looking dragon and woman
By Sulamith Wulfing

"Feeling ethereal today, are we?"

Woman watching dragon in lake
By Anne Sudworth

"Do you mind?"