Dragon and woman with flying hair
By Blas Gallego

"There are many rigours of adventure for which your previous life will never quite have prepared you. Static electricity is one of them."

Skulking dragon and grim-looking woman
By Blas Gallego

"It's time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and I'm all out of gum."
"I think I have some - I'll just stay behind this pillar guarding it."

Dragon hovering over chained woman
By Rowena Morrill

"Now who's tickling who? Eh? Muahahahaaa!"

Warrior woman, slain dragon hatchlings and big looming dragon
By Larry Elmore

"This dragon-slaying business is a lot easier than I had expected."

Woman and ponderous dragon
By Boris Vallejo

"'Tis but thy species that is my enemy;
Thou art thyself, though not a dragon.
What's dragon? it is nor hand, nor foot,
Nor arm, nor face, nor any other part
Belonging to a creature. O, be some other beast!"

Dragon, woman, unicorn and dog
By Luis Royo

"They followed me home, can I keep them?"

Woman and two small dragons, one red and one green
By NÚnÚ Thomas

"It was a freakin' transporter accident, I tell you! One day business as usual, the next I'm split in a soddin' traffic light! Now where did the yellow one get off to?"

Chinese dragon, woman and fireball among clouds
By Karl Bang

"So the benefit of having a miniature M class star at home is that it provides both light and heat at a minimum cost... Yes, I know it does give off a modicum of smoke, but then, so do dragons, eh? If you catch my drift."

Dragon and woman reading book
By George Barr

"Ooh! Shiny ones!"

Towering dragon head and woman on beach
By John Bolton


Dragon and woman blowing horn
By Atila Boros

"This piece I call 'Song for a Dragon'."
"Uhh. Don't get me wrong, but it sounds a whole lot like 'March of the Toadstools', and 'Moonscape Serenade', and 'Lament for a Demented Leprechaun'..."
"Maybe that's because this horn doesn't have any keys, smart alec."

Dragon, woman and autumn leaves
By Amy Brown

"No, it's not sad when the leaves fall. You see, um, they go to leaf heaven."

Glowering woman, dragon and label that spells 'attitude'
By Amy Brown

"This sign should get the message across."

Dragon and woman lazing
By Denis Beauvais

"Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to have a job."
"Have a what?"
"You know, getting paid and stuff."
"Oh, that, I know about that. Doesn't it mean you have to do... uh, work?"
"Hold on, I'm cured."

Dragon and woman with sunglasses
By Vincent Di Fate

"One more set of shades and we're incognito."

Dragon and woman holding orb
By Tony DiTerlizzi

"Why would a dragon's brain look like a small white shiny ball?"
"Never you mind! Put it back in!"

Ethereal dragon and riding woman in forest
By Lela Dowling

"Day four. Still no signs of the elusive frost dragon, although I am convinced it lairs in these parts. The snowing has stopped, and I have noticed the temperature is subject to sudden chills. There, I felt it again!"

Dragon and girl in mist
By Marguerite Fields

"Now all you have to do is hoot like a foghorn, and all kinds of ships will come sailing and smash on the rocks, and we'll be able to haul out gold and riches and get anything we've ever dreamed of, you'd like that, wouldn't you, honeybun?"