Woman on dragon
By Boris Vallejo

"Look, a quarter."

Sitting dragon and woman by precipice
By Britt Martin

"I specifically remember telling you to bring the picnic basket."
"No, I told you, just before we left, to bring the picnic basket."

Sitting dragon and woman
By Britt Martin

"Tonight on 'Cooking with Graul and Melody' we're going to learn how to prepare a wing buffet."

Dragon and woman in forest
By Paul Abrams and Tom Sorensen

"Be vewy, vewy quiet. We're hunting wabbits."

Woman on wingless dragon
By Paul Abrams

"As soon as I can afford the wing upgrade - whooosh!"

Similar woman on similar wingless dragon
By Paul Abrams and Tom Sorensen

"Do you think that somewhere, someone is striking this exact same pose right now?"
"Nah, just how likely is that?"

Butterfly-winged woman on dragon
By Julie Bell

"Watch out! Butterfly collector!"
"Aaah! Where?"
"Nyah nyah, got you."

Dragon and woman with daggers
By Rich Larson

"This one is perhaps too formal... but on the other hand, the dirk clashes awfully with the poniard. Maybe I should just stick with the misericord? Don't just stand there looking goofy, give me some input here."

Woman on flying dragon
By Steve Fastner and Rich Larson

"You know what I've been thinking about getting lately? A saddle. A nice, secure, sturdy saddle. Maybe some straps. Ooh, it's a long way down, isn't it."

Dragon and woman flying over castle in swamp
By Daniel Pascarelli

"I suppose we'll just build a new castle on top of the old one."

Dragon and woman by cliff edge
By Daniel Pascarelli

"Watch behind yourself, smartass."

Woman reining in dragon
By Arantza

"You gotta keep a tight rein on dragons, or the next thing you know, they want a cave of their own, jewels, tinned food, all kinds of stuff."

Dragon and sprawling woman with spear
By Arantza

"Best three out of five?"

Dragon drooling over chained woman
By Arantza

"Imagine what a couple we'd make! 'Witness the Magnificent Houdeena as she Escapes from Solid Metal Manacles while being set upon by a Slavering Man-eating Dragon!' Only you wouldn't really be man-eating, see, which is kind of my point... No? So this is the part where you tell me dragons are vegetarians and this is all a joke, right? Right? Let me think of somehing else then."

Dragon and woman fighting
By Arantza

"No one mocks my funny-looking tubular hair thingies!"

Chained dragon and woman in courtyard
By Tim Hildebrandt

"We need to talk about the purpose of mailmen."

Dragon on rock and woman
By Michael Whelan

"No, seriously. You can't pass unless you bring me a mango."

Dragon and woman holding crystal ball
By Jody Lee

"We've seen the future, and it is three people on a road leading to a city of some sort."