Dragon and long-legged woman
By Ruth Thompson

"I just wanna check to see if it's true what they say about fantasy heroines never having to shave their legs."

Dragon and knightly woman
By Ruth Thompson

"Don't look, but I think the page is starting to roll up."

Dragon and girl on stair
By Malcolm McClinton

"Oh no, it's the evil transparent logo blocking our way!"

Woman with small dragon in her hand plus big dragon
By Malcolm McClinton

"So then she says to the guy - or maybe it's him, I don't remember - well, anyway, she says, 'It's not really a bunny, you know.' Hahaha! Or, wait, that's not it, 'cause then the guy with the bulldozer comes in, and, uh... no... Well, you should have been there, really."

Dragon and valkyrie in chair
By Malcolm McClinton

"Stop humming 'Ride of the Valkyries' or I swear I'll cut your head off."

Two dragons and woman
By Malcolm McClinton

"No cars from that direction."
"And no cars from that direction."
"So it should be safe to cross."

Woman with small dragon on her arm plus big dragon
By Malcolm McClinton

"And then the guy with the bulldozer, or the guy with the plastic flower, I always get those two mixed up, says... well, he says something and it's funny, see... Now the whole point is that this was before the steeplechase, but I'll get to that. Now where was I..."

Dragon and woman in street
By Malcolm McClinton

"We don't strike menacing poses because we think it's so damn funny."
"We do it because it's our job."

Woman on dragonback
By Malcolm McClinton

"There, there, it was just a bad dream. There are no giant cackling bulgy-eyed dragon-eating lawnmowers in reality. Except for that country far down south. There's probably not even a whole lot of them left."

Dragon and woman among birds
By Malcolm McClinton

"Do you ever have this weird dream where you go to a masquerade and everyone's dressed up as birds, all chirping and prancing and preening, and you try talking to them but it's no use, and then suddenly you realize they all are birds, so you eat them?"

Dragon, woman and cloudscape
By Christos Achilleos

"All made up and ready to go."

Woman leading dragon
By Ciruelo Cabral

"We're going to the vet, aren't we?"
"Er, no, we're going to see an evil warlord."
"He's not by any chance going to accidentally clip my nails?"
"Well, he might."

Dragon and woman in perspective drawing
By Ciruelo Cabral

"Suddenly I'm gaining a whole new perspective on things."

Dragon and woman with lance
By Clyde Caldwell

"Dragon jousting is all fun and games till someone loses an eye. Then it's just fun."

Dragon and voluptuous woman
By Dorian Cleavenger

"Being Miss Dragon Rodeo doesn't just mean I'm gorgeous, but that I'm promoting the sport of professional dragon rodeo and the great western way of life."

Mind-bogglingly big dragon leaning towards woman
By Bob Eggleton

"Can I borrow a cup of sugar?"

Dragon and pacing woman
By Michael "Monte" Moore

"Well, you're the one who wanted a nice, decorative bottomless well for the living room in the first place."

Dragon and girl with floating globe
By Michael "Monte" Moore

"Wattle. Bygones."