Dragon looking down at swordswoman in swamp
By Tommy Castillo

"Oh my God! Those lizard men! You killed them! You killed them dead! You - you brute."

Energetic sorceress and dragon
By Shirow Masamune

"You only need three things to conquer the known universe: a dragon, a whooping great book of spells, and lots and lots of acorns. Acorns count as one thing, right?"

Scary dragon and woman waving electric sword on cliff
By Tommy Castillo

"Hey, kids, you forgot your severed head! Come back and we can kick some ball or something! Stop running?"

Skeletal dragon and woman
By Clyde Caldwell

"I'd like to raise a few points about the diet you put me on."

Flying dragon and woman holding bow
By Clyde Caldwell

"Bet you twelve gold I can shoot the hat off the other peasant's head, though."

Swordswoman and two flying dragons
By Tony Daniel

"One of the most common questions I get is, 'How is it possible for you dragons to fly, anyway?' I always smile slyly and say, 'Wouldn't you like to know?' And then I sneak off to look it up in the encyclopaedia, because that's really some interesting stuff when you get down to it."

Armed woman facing down fire-breathing dragon
By Steve Fastner and Rich Larson

"The game is up, Fire-nose! There's nowhere to run!"
"Confound you, Purple Plume! You'll never take me alive!"

Fairy woman kneeling in front of fairy dragon on toadstool
By Amy Brown

"Great Oracle of the Mushroom, please answer me this - Hey! You've got a goatee! What have you done with the real oracle, you villain?"
"Er, he had to go shopping for groceries. I'm just filling in."
"Oh. Well, in that case, can you tell me what I should do for the poor children at the orphanage?"
"Try kerosene and matches."

Hovering woman with odd sword and dragon
By Shunya Yamashita

"Will the person who said 'giant wrench' please step forward."