Vigilant dragon and woman
By Dorian Cleavenger

"See anything?"
"Yes, clouds. You?"
"Uh, yeah. Just checking."

Woman reading to dragon
Artist unknown

"Okay, but just one more and then you're going to bed."

Dragon and woman posing
By Sagemonn

"Are you finished painting soon? I'm freezing here."
"And my tail is cramped."

Dragon, woman and books
By Luis Royo

"That's why I argue that every force presupposes a second force which is equal in strength and opposite in direction."

Woman riding dragon
By Håkan Ackegård

"Fuel... check. Seat belt... check. Ignition... check. Flamethrower... check. Commuting is fun."

Dragon sneaking up on woman
By Håkan Ackegård

"The fearsome velociraptor inconspicuously stalked its prey, the unsuspecting protoceratops, its powerful legs flexing, its relative brain capacity outmatched only by... its brain... uhh... where was I?"

Dragon holding battered-looking woman
By Michael Whelan

"Aw, come on, that was just a friendly tackle."

Woman, dragon and chain
By Sandrine Gestin

"Sometimes I feel there's a link between us."

Woman scratching dragon
By Ciruelo Cabral

"Up a bit... down a bit... left a bit... aaaaaahhhhhh!"

Girl and young dragon
By Robert Feik

"You're not looking into the camera."
"No, you're not looking into the camera."
"No, you're not looking into the camera."
"No, you're not..."

Dragon and girl with broom
By Richard Corben

"You know, once you're done sweeping, there's a whole lot of potatoes need peeling."

Dragon and elf
By Christiaan A. Iken

"Aw, why don't you let me nibble your ear a bit?"
"Just a little! I'll be soo careful."
"Look, there's nothing special about my ears."
"But they're so kyoote!"

Dragon and valkyrie
By Petar Meseldzija

"It's a good thing you have that breastplate. Wouldn't want to overexpose yourself in battle..."

Woman hugging distressed-looking dragon
By Stefan Holmgren

"It just hit me - I forgot to turn off the gas."

Dragon hovering above gesticulating woman
By Donato Giancola

"Once I caught a fish this big."

Dragon and armed woman
By Shane Parker

"Ready for adventure! Where is it? ... We'd take a food fight, really."

Dragon, woman and owl
By Tina Thomas

"What do you say we ditch the owl. Come on, let's ditch the owl. You know you want to. Ditch the owl."

Dragon, white-skinned woman and bat
By Elf

"Why are you so white?"
"Because I drink lots of milk."
"Ah. By the way, what do you say we ditch the bat."